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Age is No Barrier

Young Environmentalist and Speaker for all of Humanity

At just 13 years of age and wowing an audience of 5000+ people at the Sydney International Convention Center, Solli Raphael thoroughly enjoyed igniting inspiration through his poetry at the 2018 TEDxSydney event.

Solli also recently embraced the opportunity to perform onstage at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in front of a live audience of 35,000 and televised to 1.5 billion people across the globe. 

Solli thrives on challenges such as raising awareness for important social and global issues and considers himself a budding humanitarian & an enthusiastic environmentalist.

Solli won the 2017-18 National Australian Poetry Slam Championship title in an all-adult competition at the Sydney Opera House, holding the title for the youngest ever winner! A video of the winning performance went viral with 3.6 million views.

The ambitious teen has many dreams and he's not afraid to bring them to life! Signed with Penguin Random House Australia, Solli’s debut book Limelight includes strategies on developing writing ideas, writing traditional and slam poetry along with techniques on how to perform on any stage. Limelight offers motivation, hope and inspiration to youth and people of all ages

Solli's vision is to be an influential person in the hope to create change, one word at a time. 

"The future needs YOU and ME to create EQUALITY across all levels of HUMANITY" ~ Solli

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