About Solli

  At 12 years of age, Solli Raphael was titled the youngest ever winner of the Australian Poetry Slam held at the Sydney Opera House after he performed 'Australian Air' - a poem about political wisdom, environmental awareness and the importance of social consciousness. He then rose to fame after his winning performance was viewed online over four million times in 24 hours.

Now 15, Solli is a globally renowned poet and keynote speaker; having led workshops; performed and spoken at conferences, schools and universities. Additionally (and passionately), Solli is an environmental activist and humanitarian who works closely as an ambassador for four charities and organisations.

Solli’s first book Limelight, was published in 2018 and has received accolades for its capacity to engage students in poetry, having also won a

Nautilus Book Award in 2019 for best middle-grade nonfiction.

Solli enjoys writing powerful and emotive pieces to instigate change in the areas he feels are critical for attention and action such as social equality, the environment and animal protection. This inspirational teen thrives from empowering the global youth movement whilst redefining the possibilities for a young person.

You may have seen Solli on The Project, ABCME, at a TEDx event or even performing in front of a live audience of 35,000 at the Gold Coast XXI Commonwealth Games.

Solli’s second book, Spotlight, will be released in September 2020. 


Let's make more minutes count

Champion Slam Poet slams Greed, Capitalism and Apathy as cause of Climate Change

 Every minute counts, and to win a better future for all of us, we’re going to need everyone.  

Solli, ambassador for DCC

 15 year old poet and performer Solli Raphael is an Ambassador for Dymocks Children’s Charities, who at the age of 12 was the youngest ever winner of the 'Australian Poetry Slam' competition. In this video he  performs two of his poems and reads from his first book, Limelight. This video is suitable for 10+.