About Me

I'm just a teen trapped inside a balloon of ideas ...

Solli Raphael, poet, poetry, slam poet,

I am so happy to be able to share my vision of helping humanity and the environment with you. I feel that we should always strive for improvement in our society and we need to show our World Leaders what we, the people - need.

Just as many inspirational game-changers of the past have done, we need to stand up for ourselves and others, for who we know, and those who we are yet to meet. If we can act as a collective rather than as individuals, and bring about change in dissolving inequality across all levels of humanity, then I believe in our future, and the future of those yet to walk this Earth.

I love writing, and poetry allows me to share my thoughts with you. I would like for people to be inspired to remember that money and externalized successes are not the only important things in life.

People, such as you and me, are not just people. Together, WE are amazing and powerful.

My other hobbies include performing, playing the saxophone, singing and writing my own songs, along with personal training in the outdoors, travelling, and table tennis.