Wired for Wonder 2019

About Me

I am a teen trapped inside a balloon of ideas

I am so happy to be able to share my vision of helping humanity and the environment with you. I think that one of the ways to be an awesome human is to strive for improvement within our communities and all things environmentally!

Poetry allows me to share my thoughts and ideas with the world in a fun, uplifting and meaningful way. I don't think I'll ever stop writing poetry and hope that you'll give writing poetry a go, too!

If we can work together rather individually to bring about change by dissolving inequality across all levels of humanity, and in fighting the great challenges of climate change, then I believe in our future and the future of those yet to walk this Earth.

Helping the planet is a key goal in everything I do and here's some of the ways I help to look after our planet; picking up trash, consuming a plant-based diet, catching public transport whenever I can, refusing single-use plastic and avoiding all plastic wherever possible, shopping ethically, living a zero-chemical life, and growing some of my own fruit and veggies  -  these are also some of the topics I cover in my books, too.