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Solli Raphael won the Australian Poetry Slam championship title at 12 years-of-age in an all-adult competition with his activism-based poem, Australian Air, viewed over 3.5 million times on Facebook.

The now 14-year-old is an ambassador for Dymocks Children's Charity, and has collaborated with World Vision and Greenpeace to raise awareness in areas he feels are important. 

Solli has an internationally-published book, Limelight which is a blend of Solli's poetry, along with writing and performance tips and tips on eco-sustainability. Solli drives passion into the hearts of his audiences around the world by delivering powerful and emotive slam poetry at various national and international events annually such as the 2019 Commonwealth Games, TEDxSydney and at the Adelaide and Brisbane Writer's Festivals. 

This youth-empowering teen fearlessly stands up for his generation, encouraging them to participate in conversations about issues that affect their lives and their future.

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Slam poetry champion Solli Raphael is Australia's youngest ever winner Australian Poetry Slam 2017

Slam poetry champ Solli Raphael is Australia's youngest ever winner

Thirteen-year-old Slam Poet Champions Change

NEWS Solli Raphael Slam Poet Politics poetry slam champion author

"In the fusion of rap, rhyme and passion, slam poetry, says Raphael, gives him a voice to promote social and environmental change among his own peers, and he is not waiting on Australia's politicians to act first. Change is needed now, he says." - Linda Morris (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Behind the News

Behind The News Solli Raphael Slam Poetry

Solli Raphael shares his journey of being Australia's youngest ever Slam Poetry Champion


Teen slam poet Solli Raphael has a message for our politicians

 Teen Slam Poet Solli Raphael has a message for our politicians


TEDx Sydney Solli Raphael Slam Poetry We Can Be More

From breaking stereotypes to  kid-relatable experiences and environmental activism, Solli tackles many  interesting topics in poetic form in front of over 5000 people.  

RN with Fran Kelly

Solli Raphael Slam Poetry Champion Author teen politics

Exclusive radio interview on RN with Fran Kelly - Solli speaks of his passions and inspirations