I write all of my own poetry, and depending on the topic or the reasons behind each poem that I write, it can take me from a few minutes up to a few months to write one poem. I hope you enjoy this page which sneaks a look into some of my most popular poems. And feel free to take a moment to drop me a line if you'd like to know more or if you'd like my poetry for your event, classroom or workshop.  


"We Can Be More"

Game Changer

This slam poem is dedicated to all of the Game Changers. Whether you are dedicated to helping those who need help, saving the environment in which we live, or helping helpless animals - You make this World a better place!


I am the magnetic field between the moon and the sea.

I am the quality in     


I am the undiscovered myth in wordsmith.

I am the reality of my own big dreams.

I am the curve of the world that I can only just see.

I am a game changer. 

written by Solli Raphael  © 2017  

Australian Air


So don’t sit around waiting for your life to caper, instead - grab your pens and your paper - your voices and your eyes, so we can reach for the sky, and look down on the world, and tell them why, 

we need to make a change

              to our lives. 

written by Solli Raphael  © 2017   



BANG! - that’s the sound of evolution ...

We seem to have a desire
of being above the high wire,  
though some are relaxing and others are faxing taxes even though
the price is getting higher and higher.   
but we’ve found elocution's
just to tell the world we’re finding a solution
for pollution
on our convolution
as a counterrevolution and retribution.     

All for one thing…

 written by Solli Raphael  © 2017